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Can escorts fall in love with their clients?
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Every escort knows it’s a no-go area. Advised by their agencies that this is a really dumb thing to do, they swear it will never happen, they are sure that this happens to other girls and not to them!.

Of course the other side of the coin needs to be looked at too…………………… do clients fall for their escorts? When the demarcation lines start to get blurred then the questions have to be asked.

The first question is Why Not?? If the answer was an absolute NO there would be no happy endings and no Pretty Woman film.

So why not look at the positives and see if this fairy story can really work for two genuine individuals who have perhaps been crossed in love in the past, disappointed by previous relationships and have turned instead to the slightly surreal land of escorting and escorts, or are actually people who are ready to admit that they have a very high drive in the bedroom department and may not be satisfied by one individual at all…..not ever!

The greatest danger is how can he be “in love “, as with experiencing the deeper emotions of true affection when all he sees are the best bits, not the bad bits and the moody bits? He is quite possibly in love with the illusion that is the escort as her alter ego, the fun-loving, ever eager girl who cannot wait to get him into the bedroom. Has he in fact fallen for the girl friend experience in its most persuasive form, which generates a contentment that he would like to last forever and start to believe the two of you are a legend in your own life times.

The escort finding herself in a similar predicament again sees the man who doesn’t have those day to day faults that cause such irritation; he is generous, brings little gifts (or even large ones) and is always polite, kind and considerate.

The bystander sees that they experience a strong attraction, but also perceive the pitfalls ahead for our love struck couple. They will have to start to be the “real” people they are not and along with the smooth will inevitably come the rough to balance things out!

Success in love between escort and client can work, but it is the exceptional couples that prove it can be done despite all of the odds.

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